Splats Workshops

Splats School Workshops and shows

Circus, Drama, Shakespeare, History, E- Safety and Health school workshops

Developed by Stephen Richards and Michael Redwood

“Splats Entertainment have been bringing the joy of theatre, circus and performance to schools since 1993.”

Recommended for:

School workshops for Activity week, Health week, P.E. Events, Party, Book week, Drama, Literacy, Family learning, Community events


Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Special schools, Pupil referral, Secondary, Events teams, Arts teams, Festivals, Fetes, Community groups

Amount of Pupils:

Up to 140 in one day for dram and 210 for Circus. More available on request. Shows for the whole school or group


All year – UK wide. Last minute bookings- we are here to help

Created by Stephen Richards a PE teacher and theatre director and Michael Redwood a theatre director and historian. Splats circus day provide a fun filled, confidence boosting day which can finale in family workshops and a Splats drama day is rehearsed and performed by up to 4 classes in just one day. Family and friends delight in what has been created in the end of day show. Great community events.

Circus Days school workshops

Splats school workshops are the Circus Skill experts in running Circus Days for Schools.

Our unique Circus Town show for your pupils to perform, Learning to learn juggling and our wonderful Circus Party for all.

Make a Play Day school workshops

Splats school workshops Make a Play Days are a perfect way to inspire confidence, creativity and teamwork whilst improving speaking and listening skills and the joy of drama, literature and performance. Choose from our classic play School workshops Jungle BookWind in the WillowsA Christmas CarolTreasure IslandRobin Hood and more.

Touring shows

Splats on tour. Wonderful shows performed by the Splats travelling players. The TempestMacbethMidsummer Night’s Dream and brand new Jungle Book.

Shakespeare Play school workshops

The pupils learn and perform a Shakespeare classic such as The TempestMacbethMidsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo & Juliet – Stage Combat or we can bring a show to you. Ideal for English literature, Drama and Shakespeare text inspiration.

History days

Follow the story of Splats travelling players on their adventures, meeting the GreeksCelts, RomansSaxons and VikingsMedieval folk and Renaissance Tudors.

E – Safety school workshops

Team Robot v Meanies is a fun and active show where we see how the Meanies virus spreads and affects how the pupils act towards each other. Looking at issues of bullying, online safety and awareness of how we act online.

The Sugar Show school workshops

Workshop and show looking at how sugar affects the body, healthy choices, how adverts work and how can we stay healthy.

Splats school workshop rehearsals are active, fun and a real challenge for all.

Alongside scripted character acting we use physical theatre, circus skills, dance, music, magic, mime, puppetry and mask work to help tell the story. This enables pupils to express themselves through a variety of means and of course adds great variety and enjoyment for the audience and participants.

As we learn the school workshop show and perform it in just one day, pupils are up on stage before they have any time to think about nerves. Of course longer term rehearsed plays are of great value too but the “Splats Technique’ provides a way to break through for many pupils who may otherwise be nervous and an opportunity to shine in a very relaxed environment for all.

During the school workshop we teach using costume, props and set that the children can make as part of the day. Masks act as a great way to express emotion and movement and of course we bring costumes and props to add fun and colour to the production.

Splats Entertainment Play Masks

Our teacher acts as the narrator which helps cement the whole play together and of course acts as a cue for the pupils. Our main tip for the class teachers is to enjoy the process as although it sometimes seems an impossible task for our teacher to make the show happen it always works brilliantly and any slight mistakes or changes that happen can be taken in our stride and actually often add to the fun!

We very much recommend inviting parents and any classes not taking part to watch the show as of course it works best with an audience!

We can teach up to 210 pupils in a day (more on request) for cirucs. Our drama school workshops usually you will find that you can fit in the Assembly and three lessons in the morning and one more lesson and the show in the afternoon. These lessons should be an hour long and allow about 45 minutes for the show. The lessons are very well choreographed and planned so it is possible to learn the scene in that time.

For bookings and prices for our circus and drama days and shows please fill in our enquiry form and we will get right back to you. Prices range from £220- £360 plus vat depending on length of workshop and amount of pupils.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a line to check availability and to talk through your specific needs and aims for the day, we are here to help. ;0)

Please give Mike a ring on 07944 283659 or send us an email to mike@splatsentertainment.com